Virtual Pre-Retirement Fair

Welcome to the Virtual Pre-Retirement Fair for 2021!

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As you know, due to the current circumstances we are unable to provide the Pre-Retirement Fair in the same fashion we have in previous years. The purpose of this webpage is to best supply you with the resources you would have received if you came to the in-person fair. Explore the information at your pace. The only time sensitive presentations are the DRS Retirement Webinars and the Social Security Administration Zoom Webinar.

Step 1: Choose Your Checklist

Step 2: Video Presentations

Washington State Healthcare Authority

Webinars in 2021

Department of Retirement Systems (DRS)

Fidelity (WWURP Participants)

  • Maximize Social Security in Your Retirement StrategyThis workshop will help you understand different Social Security claiming strategies and take the next step to create your retirement income plan.   
  • Turn Your Savings Into Retirement IncomeThis workshop will help you learn why it’s important to have a plan for generating income in retirement, factors to consider when transitioning your savings into retirement income and how to develop a retirement income plan. 

Voluntary Employees Beneficiary Association (VEBA)

Mini recorded presentation

Step 3: Additional Resources & Vendor Contacts



VEBA Booklet

VEBA Contact

social security administration

SSA Home

SSA Retirement Benefits

SSA Contact

Health Care Authority

PEBB Retirees

2021 Retiree Enrollment Guide

2021 Retiree Election Form​​​​​​

HCA Contact
1-800- 200-1004


Fidelity website

Fidelity Contact

Department of Retirement Systems

DRS website

DRS Contact
1-800 547-6657