Training and Development

Human Resources is proud to offer classes each term as part of our ongoing Talent and Professional Development service. These trainings provide individuals with concepts and tools that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

We believe that professional growth should be a part of every employee's experience at Western. That is why we partner with many campus resources to provide a diverse selection of workshops designed to fill many needs. Check out the training portal to find opportunities for growth in the following competencies, and more:

  • Leadership Academy for Supervisors
  • Functional and technical skills
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Cooperation and Communication
  • Personal Development and Well-Being

Do you have something to offer to our learning community? Let us know!

How to Sign Up

You can go to the the Training Portal to find the class you like and sign up there. Click on the class to see if it has current scheduled timeslots. Trainings can be viewed via the drop-down menus, organized by competency categories, or searched in the search bar.

Our course offerings change every quarter based on demand and feedback, so please check back to see what trainings are offered each quarter.

Earn a Certificate

*Due to resource prioritization at this time we are putting the WWU professional development certificate program on hold.  Please continue to work on your own development with or without certificates.  We appreciate you!

Western recognizes excellence in the pursuit of professional development through three Certificates of Completion. The Certificates are in the following areas:

Western’s Foundations of Leadership: For the completion of the Leadership Academy or STAR series of classes, which are mandatory for Western’s supervisors and open to all. This training covers the foundational skills and knowledge required to manage other people here on this campus.

Western’s Excellence in Leadership: This certificate is for individuals who have completed the foundational training and have sought to take their development further by participating in Leader as Coach, our advanced leadership development program. 

Western’s Excellence in Pursuit of Professional Development: Western wishes to recognize excellence in the pursuit of professional development by individuals across all roles and in all functions. 

For more information, please check out the details of what each Certificate entails.