Supervisor Onboarding

Resources for Onboarding a New Employee

As a supervisor, you play a critical role in how well your new employee settles in to working at Western. The planning and effort you put into their onboarding experience greatly impacts your new employee's productivity, customer service quality, workplace safety and future hiring success. Please use these resources as a starting point to plan for your employee’s first several weeks with you, and help them get off to a great start!

Additional onboarding information by job classification:

Also see HR's Website for additional links to help with managing and hiring

Calling All New Supervisors!

In addition to your regular new hire requirements, you will also need to complete the Leadership Academy Training series. This training is mandatory for all non student-Supervisory roles at Western.

More resources on how to lead and manage staff can be found on HR's Website.

Emailed Support for Onboarding New Employees

Learn about onboarding best practices and receive timely emails reminding you about your new hire's onboarding needs. The series lasts for 3 months, and we recommended that you sign up close to your new hire's start date.

Opt in to the Onboarding Support for Supervisors email series.

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