Organizational Development


While training is an important part of what the Organizational & Talent Development team does, the first step of training is often to resist jumping straight to the training.

Many times, what individual leaders or teams need to do first when faced with a challenge or opportunity is to step back and assess their current reality.

We believe that awareness and desire are the first steps to change, so we do the following:

  • Individual leader 1:1s
  • Stakeholder 1:1s for leadership development
  • Unit-wide 1:1s and/or small group sessions for climate surveys or environmental assessments
  • Needs assessments for Professional Development and Training needs


Leadership development is about achieving excellence. Excellence in our relationships, excellence in our influence, and excellence in our impact. We believe that leadership development is primarily about achieving world-class performance. Just as an Olympic athlete will avail herself of coaches for every aspect of her performance and development, we as professionals also have the potential to become exceptional if we focus on improvement with that same intensity.

Leadership development is about growth. It is at once personal and professional. It is made possible in moments of insight that occur during reflection, and it becomes manifest through sustained behavior change. The most powerful tool for this kind of change is within the coaching relationship. Our team has 20+ years of combined experience in leadership coaching, and we are here to serve.

For more information about consulting or coaching, contact Dennis Dashiell, Assistant Director of Organizational and Talent Development at (360) 650-7765.

OD Functional Categories

An endless cycle of strategic planning, organizational design and restructuring, organization capability building, change management, organizational transformation and culture building

Improving Performance

Improving performance requires that we plan, do and review. The steps for planning are business strategy, learning and development strategy, people management strategy, and leadership and management strategy. The steps for do are management effectiveness, recognition and reward, involvement and empowerment, and learning and development. The steps for review are learning and development and continuous improvement.