Ensuring employees have appropriate items for working from home


  1. If the individual feels their work environment is not satisfactory, they are to contact Bruce Boyer in EHS for a virtual assessment.
  2. Bruce assesses the environment to see if it is appropriate. If not appropriate, he assesses if any modifications are possible. If the environment is now appropriate, the individual continues working from home.  If the existing environment is not appropriate and additional modifications are needed, Bruce will make a recommendation.
  3. If the environment is not appropriate, the supervisor determines if they would like to move furniture from the individual’s office to their home or purchase new furniture. The supervisor makes a request for funds to cover any costs.
    1. The supervisor/individual makes a request for any equipment or moving services at the departmental level.
    2. If funds are not available at the departmental level, the supervisor/individual makes a request at the divisional level.
    3. If there are no department or divisional funds, the supervisor/individual requests approval for transport funding from Business Services.
  4. When funding is confirmed, a transport request can be made or furniture should be purchased through the Western Marketplace
  5. If it is safe to move the individual back to work on campus, this would be included in the on-site safety plan and must follow the university’s guidelines.
  6. The individual has the option, if appropriate, of requesting an accommodation through HR.


  • Any costs to be covered by departmental or divisional funds, not the central COVID-19 fund unless approved by Business Services.
  • If the Department is unable to cover the cost, refer to the Funding Assistance Process for possible support.
  • Employees can come to campus, using the on-site visit form, to collect desk chairs or other items, such as monitors or light printers.
  • Individuals submit a form to their supervisor to indicate what items they are taking home.
  • If employees would like assistance in transporting any items to their vehicles, they can contact Campus Logistics Operations.